“Imagine a wordless book”

Little Eli..the flowers, the crowns, the leaves!

Story and illustrations by Sara. (Written as she told it).

One day Eli decides to go for a walk. He sees a lawn with lots of flowers and decides to pick them and make a tower. But the flowers fall, because they dry out.  Since the flowers are dry, he decides to make some small suspended shelters for the insects. And in one of these shelters he has tea with his friend spider. Then they decide to go pick some pink flowers, but they don’t find any. And so they pick some blue ones. (the girl couldn’t find the pink pen…) Then the petals fall and they decide to make some crowns and Eli, beautiful and proud in his crown stares at himself in the mirror all day. Then the autumn comes and Eli and the spider go pick the leaves on the trees. The spider brings a basket. They build a tower with the leaves, but they all fall. They pick them and in the meantime the winter comes, so Eli and the spider decide to make some Christmas decorations with the leaves.

Little Eli…the flower, the crowns, the leaves! – by Sara

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