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Little Eli…eggs

Little Eli may be small but he has big dreams. In fact, for a dragonfly, you could say that Little Eli’s aspirations are sky-high.

In his crumbling house, Little Eli sets off on three big adventures with a pack of cards, a box of eggs and a set of pencils.

What’s the idea? To create towers as tall as can be. However, there are challanges along the way and it all seems to go wrong.

But nothing can deter this dragonfly as Little Eli thinks of imaginative solutions to build his towers of dreams.

A story of willpower and imagination for readers of any age.



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Italy, Valentina Edizioni, 2015

Turkey,  EDAM eğitim danışmanlığı ve araştırmaları merkezi, 2016

UKAustralia, Tiny Owl Publishing, 2017

Published by Valentina Edizioni, 2015